Actor’s Conservatory


Canada has an extraordinarily rich pool of under-developed acting talent around Toronto. And yet Canadian actors are consistently beaten-out of good roles, at home and abroad, by their American and British competition. Why?
Professional actors, much like professional athletes, continue training throughout their careers to stay competitive. American and British actors have access to high-level training opportunities in their home countries but the reality for most Canadian actors is that this kind of sustained training is largely out of their financial reach. In short, many Cana-dian actors can’t afford the advanced classes necessary to stay competitive in one of the world’s most competitive industries.

CTP’s not-for-profit Actors Conservatory, with planned launch in the Fall of 2015, aims to address this need by provid-ing scholarships to fund the advanced elite training Canadian actors need to compete in the global show business market and, ultimately, represent Canada amongst the world’s entertainment stars.


Actors in any stage of their career may apply by submitting a résumé and cover letter. Short-listed candidates will be invited to take a class with David Rotenberg, from which six final candidates will be chosen, based on their talent and star-potential.


The successful six applicants will each receive a customized training program at the best acting studios in Toronto. This training period will last 3-4 months and will culminate in a showcase for Toronto and Los Angeles’ top Casting Directors.

Each actor will be evaluated by experienced professionals and then given an individual training program tailored to their needs based on 5 key areas: group acting classes, group voice classes, private acting coaching, private voice coaching and a ‘specialization’ unique to each actor, like stage combat or classical text work. They will then be en-rolled at various studios across the city that best cater to their needs. This program will be piloted in the Fall of 2015, with the aim of being developed into a bi-annual program, running in the Fall and Spring every year.