Macbeth 2016 by Classical Theatre Project

Last year, we launched a modern take on Macbeth. This fall, we round out our repertory with a brand new production set in medieval Scotland. From contemporary horror, to kilts and broad swords, CTP has a Macbeth for every classroom.

Macbeth in Medieval Scotland

Set against the backdrop of violent tribal conflicts, this re-imagined, gritty production of Macbeth features epic sword fights and modern stage technology. As hero becomes tyrant, Shakespeare's masterful commentary on the corrupting nature of power poses the timeless and dangerous question: is he who desires ultimate power capable of being a just leader? "Blood will have blood…” and Shakespeare’s shortest and bloodiest tragedy certainly delivers.

Our Contemporary Macbeth

In this ground-breaking production, CTP uses recently uncovered texts from the British Library to explore the deep legacy of late Renaissance witchcraft, bringing its dormant horrors to life. In rehearsal, seven skeptical CTP actors tempt the famous curse of Macbeth and unleash its shocking power. Their only hope for survival, they’re told, is an ancient exorcism: performing the play Macbeth itself! The show begins in your classroom weeks before you arrive with a series of backstage confessional videos: watch the curse unfold in rehearsal and join in the action when you arrive at the theatre! With the audience's help, the cast performs the play and survives the horrifying demon let loose in the theatre.


Creative Team

Creative Team

Charles Roy, Director
Jeremy Hutton, Fight Director & Sound Designer
Robert Vajdec, Set Designer (Signature)
Natalie Voorn, Costume Designer and Wardrobe Coordinator
Jennifer Lennon, Lighting Designer (Signature)
Mikael Kangas, Lighting Designer (Avant)
Angela McQueen, Make Up & Hair Designer
Kate Duncan, Production Stage Manager
Meghan Maguire, Apprentice Stage Manager
Seren Lannon, Apprentice Stage Manager
Salako Kalfou, Occult Consultant (Avant)

“We left in awe as they adapted the play to a modern day Gulf war Military setting.” ~ Pascal Academy


“What a captivating rendition of Macbeth! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.” ~ Christy Rivers


“Our teachers have become extremely fond of The Classical Theatre Project and the work they have done to bring Shakespeare’s plays to life. Students are captivated by these breath taking performances and leave the theatre with entirely new perspectives on Shakespeare.” ~ Pascal Academy


“This acclaimed company has become Canada’s largest producer of classical theatre for youth.” ~ Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star


“With ten years and over half a million students now behind them, the CTP is doing a LOT of things right.” ~ BlogTO


“Keep up the awesome work, the students love it!” ~ David Martino


“Macbeth was awesome! Thanks for the great performance and acting.” ~ Hannah de Haan