Opens: June 11-Sept 22, 2013by: Nu Musical Theatricals


For the first time since 1985, a fully realized, all-new production of the beloved musical CATS is making Toronto home. One of the longest running shows in Broadway history, CATS has a loyal following of passionate fans from around the world. The time has come to create CATS memories for a new generation.

“It’s been 28 years since the original Canadian production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show about feline follies first exploded onto the Toronto scene at the Elgin theatre, starting our city’s love affair with the mega-musical.”
—Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star, Feb 8 2013

Venue: Panasonic Theatre

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“It’s not your parents’ Cats — and, frankly, that’s the point.”
John Coulbourn | Toronto Sun, June 14 2013

“The feisty version of Cats that co-producer Smith unleashed on Tuesday isn’t playing at the majestic Elgin Theatre this time, but the 700-seat Panasonic. In other words, the original mega-musical is no longer mega. And that’s a good thing.”
Martin Morrow | The Globe and Mail, Jun 12 2013

“The all-Canadian cast gives fresh and confident performances.”
Brianne Hogan | Post City, June 13 2013

“…lots of fun all the way through.”
Jeff Cottril | Digital Journal, June 12 2013

“CATS, the show that revolutionized musical theatre around the world is making its triumphant return to Toronto. Producers today announced the complete all-Canadian cast for this all-new production that begins performances May 28 at Toronto’s Panasonic Theatre. ”
BWW News Desk | Broadway World, April 23, 2013

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Ma-Anne Dionisio as Grizabella
Charles Azulay as Old Deuteronomy
Michel Lafleche as Munkustrap
Susan Cuthbert as Jennyanydots / Jellylorum / Griddlebone
Cory O’Brien as Bustopher Jones / Gus / Growltiger
Martin Samuel as Rum Tum Tugger
Devon Tullock as Mr. Mistoffelees
Jay T. Schramek as Skimbleshanks
Neesa Kenemy as Rumpleteazer
Michael Donald as Mungojerrie

Judy Kovacs as Bombalurina
Marisa Falcone as Demeter
Phillip Payne as Plato / Macavity
Ashley St. John as Sillabub
Lily McEvenue as Victoria
Eric Abel as Alonzo / Coricopat
Kalie Hunter as Tantomile
Jaime Reid as Cassandra
Christy Adamson as Dance Captain / Swing
Austin Di Iulio as Swing
Lorena Mackenzie as Swing
Robert Yeretch as Swing